The meanings and visions behind each tarot card in The Quarry

As they walk through Hackett’s Quarry, players will need to collect tarot cards to take back to the fortune teller after each chapter is completed. While some see these cards as meaningless collectibles, they are actually an essential part of the storyline that affects how the game plays out in the end. Much like the tarot cards used by psychics and psychics in real life, the deck’s cards have deep and complex meanings that help players understand which direction their life might be heading. However, it is up to the player to decipher Eliza’s puzzles. in the game to find the true meaning of each card in their possession.

Each card players acquire contains a secret premonition and vision that presents possible events the player will encounter later. At first glance, they look like tiny little clips that have no value, but the information they provide is key to survival within The career. Eliza will only allow players to witness one vision per visit, so players must choose wisely lest they meet a horrible fate.

This piece contains spoilers for The career. If you want to know where to find all the tarot cards, check out our tarot card collecting guide.

The career Tarot cards explained

The first of many maps players will encounter is The idiot, which shows players what will happen if they force Jacob to break the van’s fuel line, rather than take the rotor arm. The vision clearly shows that the van has caught fire, with Mr. Hackett inside, meaning it could end with the death of one of the characters later when the van breaks down for the count.

Temperence the card’s premonition shows players Emma catching fireworks from the vault early on. This card isn’t one of the most harmful, as Emma can survive without needing the fireworks down the line. Players who choose to catch them give themselves a few extra seconds to avoid one of the werewolf attacks later.

A more vital vision that Eliza shows comes with The hanged man map. Jacob is caught by one of the hunter’s traps, leaving him helpless as he hangs by the ankle from a tree. Players who decide to take a friendlier approach with Bobby the Hunter during this scene will avoid a very intense confrontation. Instead, Bobby will help players out of the trap and smear werewolf blood on Jacob’s face, allowing him to mask his scent and survive.

The star The map is much less important but can save players’ lives if they choose not to let Emma search the bags in the treehouse scene. The vision shows Emma using her camera flash to blind one of the creatures as it leaps onto it from a trapdoor. If players don’t have the camera and choose not to search the bags, Emma will be mauled and killed instantly upon opening the hatch.

The magician may help save Dylan’s life, as the vision players will see shows Ryan cutting his hand with a chainsaw. This saves Dylan not only from turning into a werewolf due to the infection, but ensures that no one will accidentally kill him if he hunts them down later as a werewolf.

Strength The map seems almost out of place, as it only shows a vision of Nick punching Bobby by the throat. Whether or not this affects Bobby’s behavior later on is unknown, so this card is irrelevant.

The devil card on the other hand is extremely vital. This card’s premonition shows the player that Nick’s infection has taken hold, and he in turn beheads Abi. Players can avoid this fate if they choose to shoot Nick without hesitation, as it will not kill him, only scare him away, saving Abi’s life.

the hermit is another crucial card for the character’s survival, as it shows Jacob’s foot caught in a bear trap. While players are unable to avoid him getting trapped, it’s what they choose to do next that matters. When caught in the trap, players can choose to drop their foot or try to open the trap instead. The latter is the only way to save Jacob’s life; if they try to free their foot, Jacob falls headlong into a trap, which sets off a very gruesome scene.

Justice is yet another example of an important card. It shows Laura shooting the cop, Travis, in the gut, killing him and eventually killing several other characters later as a result.

The Hierophant Card

The moon the card is not crucial, but it is important. It shows Laura injecting Travis with a tranquilizer in an attempt to free her and Max from their prison cells. If she does this, Travis might end up killing Laura when she transforms into a werewolf, instead of saving her life while waiting for Ryan to shoot Mr. Hackett to break his curse.

In order to successfully progress to the next chapter, players who witness the vision of the world The map will see Ryan falling down the mineshaft alone as Laura watches from above. Players must allow Laura to fall with him in order to reach the “good ending” of the story.

Carriage really isn’t a map worth seeing, as it doesn’t show any useful information, but lovers The map shows players Laura biting Ryan’s arm after she was infected. This choice will save Ryan in the long run, as it gives him mild regenerative powers to heal from his stab wound.

As a werewolf attacks Bobby near the end of the game, players have a short window to shoot him, breaking the curse and saving several characters. This is presented in the vision of the wheel of fortune map.

Although this sequence happens automatically if players don’t kill Constance near the end, the empress the map shows her violently mauled by a werewolf. Players’ best bet is to kill Constance with the shotgun when they get the chance, avoiding it altogether.

Just like the previous card, The emperor card will show Jedidiah suffering the same fate. It’s best Laura chokes him to death to avoid this scenario as well.

The Hierophant Card

The Hierophant is one of the most meaningful cards a player can get. This card triggers a secret cutscene, negating all other cards found in Chapter Nine. While it might seem like this card isn’t important, it does show Eliza in her true form, watching her precious side-show burn to the ground, where she also tragically met her tragic end. This card gives players massive insight into Eliza’s true intentions, signifying how selfishly she tries to force the player to do what she wants.

Lately, The High Priestess The map is found as players search the upstairs part of the Hackett house, which shows a premonition of, well, nothing. Eliza doesn’t want to give insight anymore at this point, having located the previous card that reminds her of her son. This card really doesn’t have much value, as it’s near the endgame where there’s no need to trigger events that cause horrific repercussions.

Players can collect many cards throughout the game, but not all of them are necessary. Players enjoy the process and meaning behind the cards, but not all premonitions are helpful to the player. The career is an engaging game that features horror, drama, and a vivid storyline that Supermassive Games is known for. Anyone who embarks on this journey is sure not to regret it and will uncover the secrets of a curse cast upon a family that only tries to do good in the world.