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With a deck of cards and a positive, humble attitude towards the services she provides, Loveland resident Lisa Wyatt strives to help people tap into themselves and how they feel.

Wyatt offers tarot card readings to interested residents and strives to provide a positive outlook and insight into what’s going on in life.

She said that in the four years she has been reading professionally, she has been the subject of continuous learning and growth.

“There is no end to learning,” she says.

With a love for the 1800s art style of her patio – even describing herself as an “1800s girl” for her designer eye – Wyatt said she is dedicated to helping people “rise to their full potential”. She added that despite what some might think, tarot isn’t a road map of the future, but rather taps into her own intuition about what’s going on in her life.

She said sitting down with residents for readings is nothing short of a gift.

“It leaves me in a state of pure fulfillment,” she said. “I never imagined the gifts I would receive from giving people hope and encouragement.”

How did you come to tarot cards and offering readings?

I was going through a period where I didn’t know where to turn, I really needed to know the purpose of my life. After months, I was taken on a journey, to learn more about why my family dynamic was the way it was. Through this process, I experienced a spiritual awakening that changed my life and continues to do so. The tarot is a tool that builds self-confidence, helping to open a relationship with one’s individual intuition by getting closer to the spirit, our higher self, our purpose and our direction.

What unexpected things have you learned from practicing suggesting readings?

I was the biggest tarot skeptic. I couldn’t understand how someone could describe an image on a card and call it a message to me. Until I researched, studied, and started trying to read tarot, did I figure out how it worked. The tarot is a tool. It’s really not about cards. The tarot doesn’t tell the future either, it’s about your relationship with your intuition.

What’s it like to go through a reading with someone?

It’s an absolute honor to read for people. When I see relief, a smile of self-understanding, clarity with what has been a struggle, direction after a state of being lost, compassion resulting from a different perception, or tears of true self in the expression of an individual, it is my gift that I receive. There are no words for my gratitude and respect for my clients.

What do you say to those who are highly critical of spiritual experiences like tarot card reading?

There will always be haters no matter what you do. Fear has been established from so many directions in our society when it comes to people having individual relationships with their own intuition and higher power. Ultimately, we can’t talk about what we haven’t experienced. We all have our own individual journey, providing the lessons we all need to learn and grow. I defer judgment to the one above by committing my life here to being in the frequency of love. I pray for blessings for all and cherish my relationship with the divine.

What is the importance of offering readings to those who seek them?

Tarot readings are a tool used that can tap into our conscious and subconscious thoughts, helping us to organize our thoughts. Once organized, we are then able to control what we want to manifest in our lives instead of being a victim of circumstance. Your desires are in your hands. Tarot is about empowerment and discovering your authentic self providing insight, clarity, direction and so much more.

Lisa Wyatt

Wyatt can be reached on Instagram at peace.lisa.and.tarot, by email at [email protected] or book a reading online at

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