Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning, Keywords, Right, Reversed

Buckle up, because when the Page of Cups tarot card hits the scene, get ready for an emotional rollercoaster! Curious, idealistic and playful, this Page lives in a fantasy ruled by his subconscious. Whether he spends the morning recounting every detail of his dream journal, the afternoon reading poetry, or the evening sending love letters to anyone he has a crush on, this tarot card is full of emotion.

Yes, the Page of Cups feels everything deeply, but does he know what to do with all these feelings? Usually not. (I told you it would be a wild ride!) He might not be the most practical person (believe me, he isn’t), but there’s something charming about it. that he wants to make all his dreams come true, no matter how wild they may be. Being in his presence will inspire you to do the same. Spend time with him to learn a lesson in self-acceptance and reconnect with your inner joy.

The Mugs Page Tags

Sensitive, curious, creative, playful, dreamy, idealistic, inner child, intuitive messages, crush, love at first sight, emotional retardation

The Standing Cuts Page Meaning

There are plenty of creative opportunities for you! The best way to seize this moment and maximize your potential is to say YES to EVERYTHING. Have fun! To be curious! To explore! Be a player! It’s time to get to know your imaginative side, so create for the joy of creating, to reconnect with your younger self, and to allow your inner child to come out to play.

Embrace your creative side. Draw because drawing is fun! Put on a playlist of your favorite high school songs and dance! It doesn’t matter what you look like, so stop judging and start playing. When you stop criticizing yourself so harshly and let go, the real magic happens.

The Reverse Mugs Page

The mugs page is fun to be around, so it’s easy to get a crush on, but beware, darling: that dreamy idealism and relentless creative energy has its downsides when life gets a little too real. Sometimes this guy doesn’t know how to handle the depth of his feelings or the practicalities of adulthood. He is deeply anxious and emotionally stunted, has temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, and ultimately will ghost when relationships get too intense. This Peter Pan doesn’t really want to grow up and face the responsibilities of the real world!

When the Page of Cups faces a creative block and can’t channel his emotions into his current project (like this album he’s been writing and rewriting for three years now with no release date in sight), he’s happy to just disconnecting, playing video games, and smoking weed at his roommates (and by roommates, of course, I mean his parents). Somehow, someone is always there to take care of him and allow his childish ways. You don’t have to be his babysitter, honey.

Sarah Potter is a professional witch, tarot reader and practitioner of color magick, a way to use specific hues of the rainbow to evoke different energies and manifest personal transformation.

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