Quarry Tarot Card Locations

Career tarot cards can give you insight into future events unfolding in the deck. These premonitions can save your life if you heed them. However, you must first locate where the Tarot Cards in the Quarry are to get a reading from the Curator.

Where are the career tarot cards?

Here is where each of The Quarry tarot cards are located:


  • The idiot: Once Laura’s boyfriend drops you off to explore the forest, take the left path. The camera will cut the Fool’s tarot card to the side.

Chapter 1

  • Temperance: After entering the main cabin of Hackett’s Quarry through the windows as Jacob, exit the small library and turn right. Don’t pick up the luggage right away, instead take a right and then go left into the kitchen. The camera will clip the Temperance tarot card as you enter.

Chapter 2

  • The hanged man: When you control Nick walking with Abigail, choose to take the Rocky Roads in the forked path. Keep going and you will see a rockfall warning sign. Take the path to the left and on your way the camera will cut to the Hangman tarot card.

chapter 3

  • Tower: When you control Abigail who is looking for an exit, you will find her near the exit just before you meet Dylan.
  • The star: When taking control of Jacob going to get towels, you can quickly see him shortly after leaving Emma at the dock.

Chapter 4

  • The magician: When you control Emma who decides to explore the island, go down into the river instead of up. The camera will cut below to reveal the magician’s tarot card.
  • Strength: Unlike other tarot cards, this must be received through a cutscene. When Dylan and the others enter the lodge, you will have a brief moment to respond to the prompt to obtain this tarot card.

Chapter 5

  • The devil: Go to the big tree in the center of the Camp Cabins. There is a swing and two picnic tables. The Devil tarot card is on the left picnic table.
  • the hermit: Go next to the radio shack with the large metal signal tower. The camera will cut behind the mast to reveal The Hermit Tarot Card.
The Devil - The Career Tarot Cards

Chapter 6

  • Justice: Before going up the walkways to get to the island where Emma is, there is a path below that you can take. The camera will cut to show you the Justice Tarot Card on the catwalk stands.
  • The moon: In the Poolhouse, enter the second shower stall and you will find The Moon Tarot Card.

Chapter 7

  • The world: In the cell room, the tarot card of the world is under the bed of Laura’s cell.
  • Carriage: When exploring the Sheriff’s Office at night, walk between the four desks in the main room. The camera will switch to the Chariot in a hidden location.

Chapter 8

  • Lovers: Cross the footbridge after hearing a woman’s voice and the rail breaks on its own. The camera will pan to reveal The Lovers Tarot Card. You can find it before entering the small, tight space warning you of a collapse.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Enter and cross the mine shaft after Laura comments on the cave, the camera will cut to reveal the wheel of fortune tarot card.
  • The Empress: After taking control of Ryan, walk to the left door where you will find an old rum distillery. The camera will cut once you are inside the room to show the Empress tarot card.
  • The emperor: Walk around the distillery and come back, the Emperor tarot card will show up right next to where you found the card mentioned above.

Chapter 9

  • Death: When Ryan is alone in the Hackett family house, explore the room and you will find the Death Tarot card above the cabinet.
  • The sun: As Laura, you will eventually come to a room with a piano. Go upstairs and enter the room on the right. The Sun Tarot Card will be displayed after entry.
  • Judgement: After opening the junkyard door, take the middle or right path. Follow the path and climb the large containers. The camera will switch to the Judgment tarot card.
  • The Hierophant: Inside the storm shelter, walk to the stairs leading outside instead of climbing the ladder. The camera will cut to show The Hierophant Tarot Card.

Chapter 10

  • The High Priestess: In the Camp Lodge, enter the attic of the first staircase on your right. You will climb two sets of stairs. When exploring the attic, the camera will hover overhead to reveal the High Priestess Tarot Card.

Finding all the tarot cards will earn you the Ready trophy. There is at least one tarot card per chapter, and you can use them to get a curator reading at the end of each. One of the only exceptions is the High Priestess who is at the end of the game and does not provide any premonition as there is no next chapter.

The Hierophant Tarot card is also another card you cannot get reading from Eliza. Collecting it will render Sun, Judgment, and Death void as the curator will become aggressive and refuse to give you premonitions.

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What Do Career Tarot Cards Do?

Tarot cards allow Eliza to give you a premonition of future events from her crystal ball at the end of each chapter. The cards themselves don’t really influence the story. But they’re a collectible that could potentially save your life if you have a clue as to what they’re trying to tell you.

The Career Tarot Card Divider

This is our guide to The Quarry tarot card locations. We hope you managed to get all 22 tarot cards in the game. Don’t go there just yet, because we have more The Quarry content that will help you play 100%.

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