The Quarry Tarot Card Slots | Where to find all maps

There are 22 tarot cards in total, and each will allow you to witness a vision. These visions can be very helpful, giving you insight into events that have yet to happen. They could mean the difference between a character’s life or death.

So where are the tarot cards found in each level of The Quarry? Keep reading and we’ll go over the most important places you’ll want to explore in each chapter.

How to Find Tarot Cards in The Quarry

Tarot cards in The Quarry are tied to specific locations that you can find during the exploratory parts of each chapter. When you are in the right place, the game will switch to a photo of the hidden card and you will be prompted to press a button to retrieve it.

The video guide embedded below will point you in the right direction to find each tarot card – the video is broken up into handy chunks, so you should be able to move from level to level easily. Or if you’d rather see it all in writing, check out the sections we’ve typed below the video.

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Prologue tarot card location in The Quarry

There’s only one tarot card in the prologue, so you won’t want to miss it!

When you control Laura on her walk through the woods, you’ll be presented with a fork in the road next to a tree stump. Be sure to take the left path. If you do, the game will automatically direct you to The Fool tarot card. All you have to do to retrieve it is press the button that appears on the screen.

Chapter 1 tarot card location in The Quarry

The first chapter proper also only has one tarot card.

When Jacob enters the main camp building through the window, be sure to head towards the kitchen. Once you find it, the game will direct you to the Temperance tarot card. Don’t leave the building through the front door until you find the kitchen, because you won’t be coming back here after that!

Chapter 2 tarot card location in The Quarry

The second chapter only has one tarot card, and that’s how you’ll find it.

When Nick walks through the woods with Abigail, you’ll have a choice of two routes. Be sure to choose the rocky path, because this is the road on which you will automatically find the Hanged Man tarot card. There is no tarot card on the other road, so it really is the best choice.

You will have to pay attention to each character to find The Quarry tarot cards. 2K

Chapter 3 Tarot Card Locations in The Quarry

There are two tarot cards to find in the third chapter.

When Abigail walks in the woods, take the left turn at the end of the first path. Here she will automatically find The Tower tarot card. Again, the game will switch to one card hit when you’re in the right spot, so it’s not like you really have to look that hard.

After that, when playing as Jacob, be sure to take a second to advance to Lake. There is another tarot card here called The Star, which he should find automatically like all the others.

Chapter 4 Tarot Card Locations in The Quarry

The fourth chapter also contains two tarot cards.

When you play as Emma on the island, take a moment to turn around and walk to the end of the quay. At the edge of the quay, she will find The Magician tarot card.

Later the game will show you a picture of the door, just like the gang returns to the lodge. Rather than rushing straight into the building, press the on-screen button and you’ll receive the Strength tarot card.

Chapter 5 Tarot Card Locations in The Quarry

The fifth chapter also contains two tarot cards that players can find.

When playing as Dylan, before heading to the radio shack, be sure to explore the area between picnic benches. Here you will find the Devil tarot card.

Next, make sure you don’t go straight into the radio building when you find it. Instead, explore the path to the left of the cabin. Here, Dylan will come across The Hermit tarot card.

Chapter 6 Tarot Card Locations in The Quarry

The sixth chapter has two tarot cards.

When you play as Jacob, you will come across a wooden walkway. make sure Turn left when you reach the bottom of the stairs. Keep walking and you will find the Justice tarot card.

Also in this level, when playing as Abigail, head down the narrow hallway and be sure to cross the middle entrance on the left. This is where you will find The Moon tarot card.

Chapter 7 Tarot Card Locations in The Quarry

There are two tarot cards in this chapter.

When playing as Laura, walk towards his cell door and you’ll switch to the exact camera angle you need to find The World tarot card.

Also in Chapter Seven, when Laura is in the room with four desks, walk to the middle of the room. In the space between the officeyou will trigger the camera angle that reveals The Chariot tarot card.

Chapter 8 tarot card location in The Quarry

The eighth chapter hosts a huge four tarot cards!

When Laura and Ryan reach the house, they will all walk through a walkway leading to a mine. When you reach the second set of stairs, don’t go straight up. Instead, explore the left balcony. This is where they will find The Lovers tarot card.

Next, Laura and Ryan will find a barricaded tunnel. After Laura removed the boards, while you walkthe game will switch to a camera angle that reveals the Wheel of Fortune tarot card.

Third, as soon as you check Ryan out, make sure you Turn left immediately. In the middle of the next room, the camera angle will reveal a tarot card named The Empress.

Immediately after, return to t0 where you came from. As Ryan descends the path aheadthe camera angle will change to reveal the Emperor tarot card.

Detective Pikachu's Judge Smith looks photorealistic thanks to The Quarry's graphics.

Judge Smith’s Ryan can find plenty of tarot cards in The Quarry. Supermassive/2K games

Chapter 9 tarot card location in The Quarry

The ninth chapter of The Quarry also contains four tarot cards.

Once Ryan has been attacked and left alone, walk to the middle of the room and he will find the death tarot card. It’s between a bed and a closet.

When playing as Laura in the Hackett household, keep your eyes peeled for a piano. Go up the stairs nearby, turn left twice at the top, then go through the door on your right. In in the middle of this roomshe will find a tarot card named The Sun.

Then, when you play as Dylan in the junkyard, wait until you unlock a door to access a new area. Keep walking after the cutscene and you’ll find another set of stairs, this one made of metal. Climb onto the containers, then Turn left and keep walking. This will trigger the revelation of the Tarot Card of Judgment.

As soon as you take control of Abigail in the storm shelter, walk forward into the darkness and turn right. You will see light at the bottom of some stairs. Walk towards said light and you will find the Hierophant tarot card.

Chapter 10 tarot card location in The Quarry

The final chapter of the game contains one last tarot card for you.

When you start playing as Kaitlyn, go straight up the stairs on the right side. At the top, turn left. Continue until you can turn left again. Climb the next staircase. So turn left towards the windowswhere you will find The High Priestess tarot card.

If you have trouble finding one of these, watch the video below and skip to the corresponding chapter.

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