Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope April 3 – April 8 | Cultural News


This week brings new beginnings and prosperity. You will start something new that will quickly bring you financial rewards and money. You may have the opportunity to earn money and grow your business, but you will have to work hard to achieve your goals. There may be obstacles and oppositions in your love life, but be confident and hold your ground. Some differences with your partner are expected. Present your point of view but do not fight.


Your hard work and effort in the past will pay off. This week there will be good news regarding finances, business, education and property. Money matters will be stable. This is the time to cultivate your skills and acquire certain qualifications. Pay attention to your existing projects/tasks. Celebrations are in store on the home front. The one you love will reciprocate with the same vibe. You will manage to stay fit and energetic. Good news related to children is expected.


You may be going through a phase of transformation in your relationship or love life. A little unpleasantness and emotional vulnerability can affect your connection. There might be differences with your partner, so don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, try to understand the problem and find a solution. However, you will complete tasks successfully at work and gain recognition for your work. There could be a promotion or a new job. Finances will be on the rise, and hard work and investments will yield great results.


A hectic week is ahead, but you will find a delicate balance between work and family life. Emotional and physical healing and reconciliation in all areas of life are on the cards. If there have been differences in your relationship or with your partner, it’s time to reconcile and you may want to resolve the issues. You will be determined and driven towards your goal. Be ready to charge with full energy. Sudden truths or underlying issues at work may come to light. There might be conflicts at work with co-workers.


You may get caught up in a job that neglects your personal life or your health. Things can get tough both domestically and professionally. Your work will demand time and energy even as the pressure to meet deadlines increases. Beware of money and expenses; do not lend money to anyone and avoid investments. Your love life takes a back seat this week, and family could be demanding, making you feel stuck and trapped. Avoid getting into arguments and debates for your peace of mind.


There will be achievement of goals and hard work that will pay off. There could be a new job, starting a business where your skills will be put to use. Financially, there will be stability through careful planning and hard work. Express your love and feelings openly and passionately. Let your partner/lover know how you feel about them and how much you care about them. You and your partner can plan a trip together.


There will be good news about work, jobs or projects. It’s an action-packed period of work. In business, you may consider expanding the existing line of business. Take a measured approach to finances. Love and relationships will be stable. However, your professional commitments can take precedence over your personal and family life. Don’t hold back from meeting someone new if you’re single. Be prepared to share, spend, and indulge once in a while.


Financial security, material gains and projects will move forward. You will witness the fruits of your hard work and effort. There will be enough resources to dedicate to yourself and support others. It’s a good week for those who want to find love and settle down with a partner. For singles, it can be said that you will soon associate with someone.


Things will go well in your career and new opportunities could prove profitable. Negotiations with business partners will go well, and you will be able to handle any situation tactfully. Your finances should improve. There are risks of serious arguments, tensions and conflicts within the family or with a member due to a lack of communication. You may be faced with a situation where a family member will try to outsmart you. Don’t argue; come out gracefully.


You will be able to resolve and overcome past difficulties in your relationship and enter a phase of harmony and happiness. You will leave an unhappy or stressful situation to move towards something that brings peace and contentment. A collaborative business will be successful and you will celebrate success with others. You may also be offered a job offer or a promotion. There will be financial abundance, but don’t overspend.


The love life seems to blossom and you will receive love in abundance. Those looking for commitment in their relationship may be surprised. If you like someone, go ahead and express your feelings. At work, your ideas will blossom and you will have the strength to execute your plans – a perfect week for meeting people and pushing professional discussions forward. You will be convincing and expressive.


It’s the week of teamwork, partnerships and group projects. Allying with a group or a partner will help you earn more profits. Your money problems will be solved and your finances will be in order. There will be deeper commitments; spend time fostering your relationship with loved ones. Your partner will support you emotionally. You will be ready to engage with a partner.

(These tarot card predictions are from Chhavi Upadhyaywho is an intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant based in Delhi)